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Fated for Love Series Bundle: Books 1-4 of the Fated for Love Series

Fated for Love Series Bundle: Books 1-4 of the Fated for Love Series

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What would you do for love?

Four gently bred women defy the rules of Regency London society to save lives and find love. How do they do it? With the help of four gentlemen who will protect them at all cost.

Book 1: Mine, All Mine
Lady Lillian must hide from her traitor stepfather and the authorities hunting for her. Former spy and new Earl of Redwick, Dominic is tasked to find her, discovering her among his own staff. Can they resist temptation and catch a traitor or will their growing attraction put both their lives at risk?

Book 2: Sweet Torture
Lydia must choose between risking her heart on a rake, Lord Wilhelm, or a safe passionless marriage with Lord Caverly. But when Lydia realizes her mistake in choosing Lord Caverly, it's too late. Lord Wilhelm has left England. Will she again risk her heart to find him? Or will she be left longing for him forever?

Book 3: Storm On the Horizon
Lady Olivia has stowed away on Captain Colton's ship, determined to help find her brother. Colton has secretly loved Olivia but is unworthy of her hand. Can Olivia convince Colton that their differences can be overcome by love? Or will her heart be lost at sea?

Book 4: To Love, Honor and Obey
Lord Willowton wants to grant his father's dying wish to see Chance married to their neighbor, but at what cost? Miss Obedience Wickenham secretly loves Chance, but she wants more than a marriage of convenience. If Obedience agrees to marry him, she will betray her families wishes and be disowned. Can Chance convince her to choose love over loyalty?

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