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Howl - Legend of the Veil Book 1

Howl - Legend of the Veil Book 1

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Marra Ross spent her eighteenth birthday running for her
life. Five years later, after institutional hospitalization for the nightmare
she’d faced, and the truth that no one believed, Marra was now free, but still
burning with unanswered questions. She returns to the small mountain town where
a fire killed her parents, and the monster who’d claimed her might still live.
Either she’s crazy, or there is a man who turns into a monstrous wolf in these

Camden Shaw, future leader of his pack, loved and lost his
fated mate in a single night. His family compound burned to the ground. After
five long lonely years, he’d rebuilt the lodge, but where was his mate? He’d
searched, but with no name, and all records destroyed by the fire, finding her
seemed hopeless. Would fate bring them together again?

Marra finds the man from her memories, and the monster. Cam
won’t lose Marra again, but something is terribly wrong. As Cam tries to help
Marra understand his supernatural world, they are once again ripped apart, this
time, by dangerous witches and a plan to use Marra to rip through the veil of
magic between worlds.

Marra has been running from the truth all her life, but this
time she can’t run. She must fight, and claim what should have always been

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